My milestones
I was born in 1977, in Santa Coloma de Gramenet. I was the third child
to be born in my family. My elder brother David was born in 1972 in
Badalona and my elder sister Eva was born in 1974 in Badalona as well.
When I was one year and a half I started to walk.
When I was two, I said my first words.
When I was three, we moved to La Sarte-Orio, near Donosti in the
Basque Country.
When I was four we moved back to Santa Coloma and when I was five
we moved to Barcelona, to a neighbourhood called “La Verneda”.
That year, 1982, I started primary school. The name of the school was
“Juan Antonio Parera”. Nowadays, it has a different name, CEIP Els
Also in that year, my first teeth fell down.
In 1983, my younger brother Rubén was born.
In 1987, my younger sister Esperanza was born
In 1990, I finished primary school and started secondary school
In 1994